Nick Wright unveils why LeBron James should not be the 2018 NBA MVP

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Reflecting on LeBron James saying he would vote for himself as the 2018 NBA MVP, Nick Wright explains to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why The King will fall short to Houston's James Harden in this year's MVP race.

- I am bummed out I don't have a vote. I guess it depends on what the word, considered, is. LeBron saying he would vote for himself in first place. I would not. This is the first year-- or, I guess, only the second year in the last nine-- that I don't think LeBron's got-- well, I just don't think Lebron's got the best case.

I think LeBron didn't have the best case, two years ago, when Steph won it unanimously. And then I don't think he has the best case, this year, when Harden has an argument he should win it unanimously. The Rockets have been the best team. They have been absolutely unstoppable, offensively, with Harden on the court. He has improved the defensive part of his game, enough, to where he is not an enormous liability on that end.

And there is no yeah, but, about his resume. The yeah, but, about Lebron's resume is the team's record. Is that they are going to struggle to get-- they have to go 6 and 2, down the stretch, just to get to 50 wins. The Rockets already locked up win 61 last night.

Like, the numbers-- I understand LeBron is shooting a higher percentage from the field, by 10 points, than Harden. But Lebron's the best player in the world. James Harden is your MVP. Now as far as in the discussion, I think LeBron has a really good argument he should be second on the ballot ahead of Anthony Davis, ahead of Damian Lillard.

But that's where the argument is. To me, the argument is not who the MVP is. That's James Harden.

- Yeah, I think the argument would be, is Le Bron, did he have a better season than Anthony Davis? Because there is no comparison, his season to Harden. There's no way you can look at where Cleveland is right now. We started the season, said the Clippers gonna have 44 wins. Man, Houston's gonna have what, 61 wins?

Even if that was the tiebreaker, it's a devastating blow. You can't have a team that's ascending-- the best in the NBA, their best player-- without him being considered, unless it was some strange situation. So Harden, clearly, is the MVP. The argument will be, Anthony Davis, what he's doing with the Pelicans, because the Pelicans, they have 43 wins. With Cleveland having 44, that's a more legitimate argument than who's number one.

- And we should remind the audience that prior to last year-- Russ winning the MVP-- it was an unwritten rule of the MVP. You better have 50 plus wins. It had been, I think, 34 years since a player on a team with less than 50 wins had won the MVP.

Now, the Cavs might get to 50. But it'll be just barely. James Harden's your league MVP this year.

- What you miss is that when Broussard was filling in for you on Monday, 75% of the show was Nick concerned, and complaining, and whining-- just a little bit-- that you didn't get an MVP vote.

- No.

- I get it.

- OK.

- Just a little bit. I just wanted to fill CC in for the part that he might have missed.

- How do get an NBA vote?

- An MVP vote?

- Yes.

- Well, you could do it the way Chris Broussard did it, which is covering a beat, being a great journalist, following this league for over a decade, and then getting a vote. Or you could do it, my approach, which is to bring it up on television.

- All the time.

- But hopefully, they just give me one.

- Right.

- That's the route--

- All the time.

- --I'm trying to take.

- Oh.

- Watch him do it now. Let me get-- you know how he does that little charming thing with his eye? He goes, I need a vote. And then, all of a sudden, he gets one.

- Matter of fact, NBA, if y'all want something--

- See, that's how it goes. That's how he does it.

- If y'all want the show to cast a vote.