Nick Wright explains what Kevin Love’s injury in Cavs’ loss to Heat means for LeBron’s title hopes

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to Kevin Love leaving the game (for concussion-like symptoms and a broken tooth) in the Cleveland Cavaliers' loss to the Miami Heat, detailing what needs to happen to propel LeBon's Cavs into the playoffs and fill the void if Love is injured.

- Well, it's important now. We have talked throughout the year. And throughout the year, I have been unwavering that the Cavs are going to be in the NBA finals. Well, for the eighth straight year LeBron being in the NBA finals.

But what is true is in these previous seven years, he's always had at least one all-star next to him. A lot of the years he's had two all-stars next to him. If we were-- Now, I don't think Kevin Love-- I don't think getting your tooth knocked out and maybe getting a concussion is going to knock him out for the postseason.

But you saw last night once again, this team with Kevin Love, without Kevin Love, with Kevin Love on the year. 27 and 13, that's a 56 win pace. 10 and 7 against playoff teams with-- that-- I'm sorry-- that's with Kevin Love and no IT.

They've played 40 games with Kevin Love without IT. I should put it like that. In all other games, there a 500 basketball team. 17 and 17.

Last night he played one minute in the first quarter. Came back in the second quarter, was not himself, and then did not come back in the second half. For this team to win games without Kevin Love, LeBron either has to go supernova or George Hill, Rodney Hood, JR, Clarkson, three of those four have to have good shooting nights. And the idea that you can even rely on two of those four--

- Is JR still on the team?

- I mean, some would say not to the Cavs benefit, but yes.

- I know you're not concerned about the Cavs. I know the subject happens to be Love. But are you concerned about JR yet?

- Oh, you keep saying yet as if I haven't said this throughout the year.

- Well, no, you were like no, everyone else was concerned. I haven't been concerned.

- Well--

- [INAUDIBLE] hot soup on one of the coaches.


Ta-dow! I mean, like that ain't going to be no problem going on.

- No, listen, the JR thing-- you and I have talked about this on and off the air that last year I did not think the general public was fully aware about what was going on with his family situation and how much of a distraction that was for him with his having a child in the hospital for basically the second half of the season--

- Last year.

- --a newborn. And so I-- and he hurt his elbow. And so I chalked up what happened last year. Injury, distraction, it'll happen.

You can't chalk anything up to what happened this year. You can't attribute that-- his child-- God bless her. It's a great story. She's healthy. He's healthy.

He's been the worst-- he was the worst starting two guard on any team that matters in the league. And now, he looks so disengaged and disinterested. So am I worried about JR? Of course.

I mean, it's past the point of worry. I just am to the point with JR where there is no level of expectation from him. I don't expect him to play quality minutes. I don't-- But I don't think he's a critical piece for them.

- Well, this is the thing. With Kevin Love out, it shows you how bad JR has been and the lack of help that LeBron has. That's the reason why I brought JR up. That's why it becomes important because Kevin Love-- we talk about him as a player. We know his rebound and is missed.

But man, that spacing of the court, when you have a JR that you don't know what you're going to get, it's magnified now if Kevin Love is not there. And that's what we saw last night.

If LeBron had to play with this team, they would be a 500 team. So is Kevin Love important? He's super, super, duper important to the Cavs even will get to the Eastern Conference finals. I still think the Cavs have tremendous problems in beating one of the teams out of the West.