Nick Wright on KD’s role after Curry’s MCL injury: Golden State has an embarrassment of riches

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Reflecting on Steph Curry's latest injury of an MCL sprain that could sideline the 2-time MVP for 3+ weeks, Nick Wright reveals to Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe what this means for Kevin Durant as the Golden State Warriors look ahead to the 2018 NBA playoffs.

- After the Warriors lost to the Cavs, if Sam Presti had pulled off a trade, Russell Westbrook for Klay, Draymond, Igy, Shaun Livingston, David West, go play with that team with Kevin Durant, guess what? They'd be the damn favorites in the NBA. Like K-- I understand the Rockets look really good. The Cavs are gelling. I get all that. But there should be no level of concern.

If KD is as good as I believe he is, as the world believes he is, as he believes he is, that there should be no concern that this team can't get out in the first round.

- OK, I get what you're saying. But look at the west. What if Kawhi-- and that's a big if-- but what if he comes back for San Antonio? Butler moves back from Minnesota. New Orleans is playing great basketball. Are you going to tell me-- I get what you're saying, like this is the moment where KD has to step up and get it done. I'm with you, because people hold LeBron to that standard all the time.

- And KD's going to finish his career as one of the 12 greatest players in the history of the sport if all continues on this track. One of the greatest scorers ever, he's now a two-way player. You're going to have home court in the first round. You're going to play a team that for a reason is the seventh seat. It's not like it's going to take 50 wins to get--

- Do you think it won't be a tough matchup?

- I think that you're going to play a good team, that you should beat in five games. If you have the best player on the court, you have the second best shooter ever, you have the defensive player of the year, you shouldn't need-- what they have right now in Golden State is an embarrassment of riches. You should be able to get out of the first round with three Hall of Famers. Every other team in the league would kill people to get three Hall of Famers.

- Two of them are Hall of Famers because they kept winning in the Steph Curry systerm.

- Who was more replaceable, Steph Curry or Kevin Durant?

- Durant, to me.

- It's weird. I think Durant's better, but I think Durant's more replaceable.

- Interesting.