Chris Broussard reacts to Kevin Love’s double-double in Cavs’ win over Nets

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In his discussion with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Chris Broussard reveals why he believes Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love is an underrated star athlete.

- I'm not going to sit here and act like Kevin Love is Karl Malone, OK? He's not. OK, he's not an all-time great power forward by any stretch of the imagination. But he has become woefully underrated, I think. People act like Kevin Love is a scrub. Kevin Love is a 20 point, 10 rebound machine, almost guaranteed to do that when he is the definitive second option. And that's what he is now that Kyrie is gone, now that Isaiah is gone. Isaiah thought he was 1A. All right, so Kevin Love got moved back to three.

As the second option, he gives it to you. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. And remember, when he was in Minnesota, I know the team has never made the playoffs. But I'm going to say, had they been in the East, they would have at least made it his last year there. He was putting up numbers we had not really seen consistently, I mean a 26 point, 20 rebound game here and there that we had not seen really says Moses Malone.

- I think he averaged 15 rebounds a game on year.

- In one year, he may have.

- Or 13 and 1/2.

- I mean, he had some huge numbers. So Kevin Love is a very good second option, particularly in the Eastern Conference for LeBron James.

- Listen, the Cav's, I know that everyone's written a story on the Cav's five times, despite the fact that like la--you want to know what this next game was? The first game they played all year with the team they're going to have going into the playoffs. And by the way, they still didn't have Korver.

- Right.

- Jeff Green didn't play. And if you care about Cedi Osman, he wasn't there. And the coach wasn't there. And it was still the closest facsimile to the team they will have going into the playoffs. Because they hadn't been playing wi-- Love had been injured since the trade deadline. Then Rodney Hood had been injured. Obviously Korver had been out. So of course they're going to be better. Like, what we have right now, and I'm glad people are maybe eventually coming over to see this, is that Lebron's going to be playing at this A-plus level throughout the postseason. Now he's got a legitimate second option who makes life so much easier on Rodney Hood, George Hill.

Like you could see, I was at the game last night, so a lot of the shots that the camera didn't show, I could see. Lebron's excitement level when Hill and Hood made plays was so much greater than when, for example, Kevin Love did. And that's because he doesn't like Kevin Love. It's because he knows what he's going to get from Kevin Love.


- It's exactly what you said. He's consistent. But for the Cav's to win a championship, which is obviously what Lebron's only real goal is, he needs Hill and Hood to both play great. And Love's spaces with the floor better for them. He makes it to where they don't have to be a second option. They can hit some open shots. And this was the second game all year, well, I'm sorry, the first game all year that Hill, Hood, and Love have all played well.


- And so now you're in and it's just the second game all year that Hill and Hood have played well together. Like, that is offensively the best version of the Cav's. Now defensively, they still need to be much more.