Nick Wright on Duke’s Grayson Allen: I’ll remember him as one of the dirtier players in college basketball

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In his reaction to Duke's Grayson Allen missing a buzzer beater in Duke's Elite 8 loss to Kansas, Nick Wright reveals to Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe how he will remember the controversial Blue Devil.

- I have no sympathy for Grayson Allen. And it is a weird spot. I-- I had Duke in my bracket. I bet on Duke to win. And I found myself-- when that shot went up from Grayson, I was rooting for him to miss.

- Were you?

NICK WRIGHT: Abso-- 100%. He did-- the way he has conducted himself for these last three years at Duke-- I know he's been there four-- but the last three years when this all really got going, he did not deserve to have the glory of a buzzer beater go to the final four. Like I-- you can call that petty. You can call that mean-spirited. I'm just being honest about my emotions.

- What he did was petty and mean-spirited. The stuff he was doing--

- I mean, I've-- the-- and I hated-- and I knew that if Duke made the final four, especially on a play like that, the-- the-- the-- the narrative would have been some Grayson Allen redemption story when he hasn't redeemed himself for anything. He's never fixed the behavior.

- No.

- He's never been able to control himself. And he constantly gets chance after chance after chance. We asked, did the refs cost Duke this game? Man-- not more than Grayson Allen did. Grayson Allen was terrible in this basketball game. He was three for 13 including a meaningless three at the very end of the game. He was 2 for 12 through 44 and a half minutes of the basketball game. So I-- how will I remember Grayson Allen? As a, justifiably, hateable Duke player who's one of the dirtier players I've seen the last few years of college basketball. That's how I'll remember Grayson Allen.