Chris Mannix reveals why Steph Curry’s ankle concerns could secretly be a positive for the Warriors

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Joining Nick Wright, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First, Yahoo! Senior Sports Writer Chris Mannix reveals why Steph Curry's ankle concerns could secretly be a positive for the Golden State Warriors as the 2018 NBA playoffs rapidly approach. In light of Curry's injuries, will the Warriors be able to compete with James Harden, CP3 and the Houston Rockets for Western Conference supremacy?

CHRIS MANNIX: You know, when I talk to people out in Golden State, one thing that speaks to the severity of the injury, or at least the concern about the injury and how they've kind of sat him out, left him home on a recent road trip, is the fact that they're willing to sacrifice the number-one seed to do it. Now, you can sit back and say, look, they're the defending champs. They're three-time finalists, whatever. But this is not a Cleveland situation.

- Yes.

CHRIS MANNIX: Cleveland could do that to Boston last year and still get to the finals. Golden State knows the type of threat that Houston is. But they're still willing to, kind of, wave the white flag on that and say, you know what? Steph's ankles are a priority here. But a reason to be optimistic in the other side of it is remember when Steph came back from the previous ankle injury?

He did not miss a beat. He was the best player in basketball for like a two-week stretch when he came back that injury. They're optimistic that rust, or any of those things, are not going to be a factor.

- What Mannix is referring to when he sat out major time earlier this year, the month he came back or the bulk of that month, he was the best we have ever seen him, including his unanimous MVP year. He was unbelievable. A healthy Steph Curry is still one of, if not, the biggest threat in basketball. We understand that.

But without him, this team outscores you by 2 and 1/2 points per game. That's good. With him, they outscore you by more than 10 a game. That's what makes them them. They got to have him in the playoffs.

CHRIS MANNIX: As a basketball fan, you just want all these guys on the floor in the conference finals. You just need these guys out there on the floor for what could be one of the best conference finals we've seen in years.