Embrace the Madness: Nick Wright and Cris Carter unveil the best player left in the NCAA tournament

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Set aside the broken brackets! Now that the Sweet 16 is upon us, Nick Wright and Cris Carter unveil who is the best player left in the NCAA tournament. Out of the players left in the Big Dance, who is your pick: Marvin Bagley III, Jalen Brunson, Carsen Edwards, Mikal Bridges or Devonte' Graham?

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Not necessarily the best pro prospect left, but the best player for this tournament left, Mikal Bridges-- Villanova swing man, guard, forward. He put up 25 in the Big East championship game. Put up 23 in the second round tournament game. It is easier for guys that play his position, as [INAUDIBLE] talks about all the time, to dominate in the tournament than a guy like DeAndre who's a big man. So I think Mikal Bridges is the best player left in the tournament.

- If I could pick one player, I'm going with Marvin Bagley. I don't care, college or pro. I'd be willing to match the box score of Bagley against any player in the tournament. When Duke plays, and I'll be willing to match whatever they do in the NBA, because you talking about not only a college star, but definitely an NBA star.

Man has NBA range right now for a guy his size. He's going to transition into the NBA. Shoots the ball better than typically the big men coming from Duke have done, and he's been able to play on the court because they have another monster, my cousin Carter, who plays in the post.

- [INAUDIBLE] Carter.

- So he's able to play more like his proposition in college, which most guys aren't able to do.

- He going to see you at the family reunion?

- Oh, yeah, yeah, especially when they get famous. That's when you claim them. [INAUDIBLE] all your cousins and everything.

- Tournament back in action tonight, guys.

- I'll be in Atlanta this weekend, bro.

- Very nice.

- [INAUDIBLE] You know how we do.

- Finally--