Cris Carter explains why he disagrees with D’Antoni’s claim that Harden is the ‘best offensive player ever’

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Cris Carter explains to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why he disagrees with the claim made by Houston Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni that 2018 NBA MVP-hopeful James Harden is the 'best offensive player' he's ever seen. Do you agree with Cris' analysis between Harden and Kareem?

- CC, how far off is D'Antoni on his assessment of James Harden?

- Man, he said a lot of good things. The only thing is he just got caught, a little tripped up on his words. No, he's one of the best I've ever-- that's all he had to say. He's one of the best I've ever seen. And he would have been OK.

- Instead?

- Like, cause the kind of the question would have been today, is James Harden one of the best defensive players you've ever seen?

- Yes.

- Absolutely. Yes he is. But I've seen players. And I was in-- I was in ninth grade, my brother got drafted by the Lakers. Their center was Kareem. Forget Magic. Their center was Kareem. Kareem, to me, is the best offensive player ever. You know the reason why? Cause you still don't have a answer to his sky hook. Single cover, double cover, you still-- there's still-- not to the day! You still don't have him. He's the all time leading scorer. He has the most unstoppable shot in the history of the league. So I don't know what D'Antoni's been watching. But I watch Kareem. Just go recent history. Kobe being Bryant. To me, Kobe is a better offensive player than Harden. And that is because of a couple of different things. Number one reason. He can play in the low post. Kobe had so many moves in the low post, a lot like Michael Jordan. Also Kobe being Bryant, through a lot of his career, he played above the rim Harden will not be known as a player that could ever play above the rim. So, of course, we can pick a bunch of players that we believe are better than James Harden. The coach got a little caught up in the moment. And that, everything-- because I-- I don't think people realize how far and how--

- How long.

- The time ever--

- How big ever is.

- Yeah, like, how long that exists. Like, that's from the beginning of time. So, every person that ever dribbled a basketball. He's the best it's ever?

- CC's all caught up in the concept of time.

- I just-- I listen to what people say. And I just hold him to what they say. Not to what I think they should say. That's what he said.