Nick Wright reacts to LeBron’s clutch pass to Kevin Love: He makes the right play, no matter what

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers' win over Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan and the rest of the Toronto Raptors, Nick Wright reacts to LeBron's crucial pass to Kevin Love where he knocked down a clutch triple, detailing why it's so vital for LeBron to block out the noise and keep doing whatever it takes to lift his team to victory.

- There's one thing you mentioned-- the pass to Love on what was essentially the game-clinching basket. They were up one.

CRIS CARTER: LeBron could have shot it.

JENNA WOLFE: Easily could have shot it.

- LeBron could have shot it. And that play is the play that, since day one of LeBron's career, he's been criticized for. LeBron's entire career, we've said, man, Kobe would have taken that shot. Mike would have taken that shot.

And LeBron has refused to give into the noise, to give in to the narrative that there is some type of sports machismo that goes along with, I'm taking the last shot, as opposed to, I am generating for my team the best shot.

- I wanted him to-- you want him to take the shot. You think he's going to take the shot.

- We've been taught that that is what you're supposed to do. And by the way, game three of the finals last year, he did it. And maybe if he takes a bad shot, he makes it. And maybe they win that game.

- Yeah.

- But LeBron is robotic in his dedication to, we are making the right play. And last night was an example as to why, over the course of time. That is why-- as much as any reason-- that is why I believe he's the greatest player ever. Because he will make the right play no matter what the media, no matter what former players, no matter what other people say you're supposed to do in that spot.

JENNA WOLFE: Team first.

- He got the best shot for his team. That was a huge win last night.

JENNA WOLFE: 35 points, 17 assists, zero turnovers. These two teams will match up again on April 3 in Cleveland against--

- It took Nick 11 minutes to say he was the greatest ever.

- The greatest player of all time. OK.


JENNA WOLFE: I had 10. So I'm out. Dang it! All right, we'll try again tomorrow.