Cris Carter on Eric Reid: I’m concerned – if he’s not signed June 1st, there should be an outcry

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In his reaction to Richard Sherman declaring his concern over All-Pro safety Eric Reid not being signed, Cris Carter highlights to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe how even if you disagree with some of the elements to Colin Kaepernick's public national anthem protests, teams not signing Reid because he knelt beside Kap signifies there is still a misguided perception over players who protest.

- Well, I've been following it. And it didn't make sense for NFL owners to have Eric Reid out of football. Now, we're still early in free agency. There's still going to be some players to be signed. But the lack of overall interest in his ability to be able to play the position-- and he doesn't-- I won't accept Colin Kaepernick not playing, because the NFL has been about the best players playing.

But even if you wanted to make some excuses about Kap-- forget his playing, because you can't say him playing on the field he's not good enough. But you want to say he's not a good locker room guy. There were guys on his team that necessarily felt like he wasn't close to the team, a little standoffish, some things like that. If you want to add those to Kap, OK, I will listen to you.

But you can't say those things about Eric Reid. You can't say he's not a high achiever. You can't say he's not a locker room guy. You can't say he's not a team guy. He's barely said a few things.

He just basically took a kneel next to Kap to support him. And now with the backlash being, he's getting the same treatment that Kap was getting, and he's still playing at a Pro Bowl level. It doesn't make sense.

I'm concerned right now. I'll be-- if he's not signed we come June 1st, and then there should be an outcry, because there are-- this game-- if this is America's pastime, then you should be able to have a peaceful protest, because a bunch of guys protested. They playing. Now, why aren't they [INAUDIBLE]?