Cris Carter on the Houston Rockets: I wouldn’t be surprised if they hoisted the trophy at season’s end

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In his discussion with Nick Wright, Sarah Kustok and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter expresses why he believes James Harden will lead his team in the playoffs and knock off Curry, Durant and the Golden State Warriors.

NICK WRIGHT: And there's a psychological component that I think matters. Golden State, in this run, has been challenged in two series-- the one against the Thunder that they almost lost. And the one against the Cavs they did lose. What those two teams had was their best guys truly believed, and would have passed a polygraph saying it, were better than your best guys.

LeBron believed he's better than Steph is, or believes he's better than Klay, if you want to call it Draymond. And you know Kyrie said, I'm better than Steph. Same with Russ, thought he was better than Steph. And KD thought he was better than everybody else they got.

When you've got Houston now, Harden can credibly say, I am better than you, Kevin Durant. And I don't believe this to be true, but I know Chris Paul believes he's been better than Steph Curry every day of his life. He's not, and I loved CP3, he's not better than Steph. Houston does not have the, oh my gosh, what do I do here, component with these guys because they do believe, we got the two best players.

- So, but they have the reputation of, oh my god, what do we do here in the postseason? And that's going to point to Mike D'Antoni to get them ready so that experience is not even a word that comes up when the media is surrounding--

- But I think that's part of what they've shown. And I also think offensively, the way in which-- when you're in a playoff series, you're focused on one team. You're scouting one team. You're playing every couple of days. You know this team inside and out.

The best part of their offense is their ability to improvise. And that's what Harden does so well, that's what CP3 does so well. They're not calling plays. They're not calling sets. It's all about them making reads and making decisions. And it's a whole lot different having Chris Paul there--

- Yes.

- Compared to what we saw--

- I believe where Harden is playing now and what he's doing-- and we've seen this with the MVP, and when they get to the playoffs. I believe Harden is going to get those calls. I believe he's going to be shooting double digit in free throws. Nick, who leaves the M gang on scoring in fourth quarter?

NICK WRIGHT: Right now it's LeBron in the fourth quarter.

- OK, and who's next?

NICK WRIGHT: I think it's James Harden.

- James Harden and his free throw shoot. James Harden is also a first in the NBA in first quarter scoring.

- First, yep.

- You talk about a guy getting the team off in a guy closing them out. Like that's who James Harden's been. So favorite, best team, right now-- the Houston Rockets are playing the type of basketball that you wouldn't be surprised if they hoisted the trophy at the end of the season.