Nick Wright reveals why LeBron should pay attention to what Harden, Durant share in common

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright unveils a unique similarity between Kevin Durant and James Harden that The King should be aware of if he doesn't want to abdicate his throne in the near future. Are Harden and KD closing the gap on LeBron?

- The only reason James Harden won't be the unanimous MVP this year-- which has only been done once, Steph did it, LeBron was a vote away from doing it a few years ago-- is because some people don't like his style. Some people don't like the herky-jerky, slow motion--

- His ability to draw fouls on people, it's a style too that's unorthodox. And most of the great players, they don't have that--

JENNA WOLFE: Isn't that a skill? Or is that a--

- No. It's an enormous skill. I'm just saying--

- --developed.

- You've got 120 people that are going to vote for this award. There are four or five, I believe, that don't like watching Harden play. So they're like, eh, I'm going to vote for Anthony Davis.

- Like, aesthetically?

- Aesthetically. Just simply don't like-- But Harden is clearly going to win the MVP this year. And now we've got a four-year sample of Harden's play where I do think it's fair to ask, is he underrated nationally? Most people believe the hierarchy goes like this-- LeBron, one, KD, two, Steph, three, and then a scrum for that next spot-- Harden, Anthony Davis, Kawhi when he's healthy, some people love Russ. Russ, the shine's come off him a little bit this year.

But the last four years, Harden's gone second, ninth, second, and now first in MVP voting. I'm assigning that to him. Let me do one of those blind reveals. That's Harden versus someone over the last four years-- that's not this year-- four years cumulative. Harden's beating them in points, trailing slightly in rebounds, beating him soundly in assists, nearly identical PERs. That's over a four-year sample. Show me who that guy is. The guy everyone says is the second best player in the world.

JENNA WOLFE: That's interesting.

NICK WRIGHT: James Harden has as good of an argument as Steph, as good of an argument as Durant, that he is the second best player in the world.