Nick Wright unveils what LeBron James is doing differently in year 15 that he’s never done before

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In his reaction to LeBron James' stellar 33-point performance against the Chicago Bulls, Nick Wright unveils to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe a new, key element to The King's game in year 15 that he's never shown us before.

- LeBron somehow having the best offensive year of his career arguably in year 15 is not something I saw coming. And LeBron having two of the best months of his career ever these last two months is also not something I saw coming. But what-- I mean, since he averaged for the first time in his career a triple double for a month this past February. This month, the month of March, he's giving you 30 points, like you mentioned, 10.4 rebounds, 9.1 assists. So he might average a triple double for the second consecutive month.

But the reason this is relevant to me, CC, is, LeBron is-- and I think he recognizes it out of necessity-- he is engaging that playoff mode about a month earlier than he typically does. Because the Cavs were, given all the injuries, given how they were playing, they were briefly, at least, before Detroit entered a total tailspin, at risk of missing the playoffs. Certainly at risk of going on the road in round one. Now they're still technically at risk of falling to the five seed.

But I don't think they will. What you're seeing is LeBron do everything earlier than he typically does. Now he's not a guy we've seen get fatigued in the past. But I don't think we've seen LeBron at near this age have to start going this hard this early in a season.

- Right. I think LeBron also understands that the Jordan thing is going to come through numbers. It's not going to come through championships. I believe that's the reason he's trying to push to play 82 games this year. So he can say, in year number 15, I played some of the best basketball. The triple double, the most in one season since he's been in the NBA, it's a combination of, he's in great shape, he hadn't gotten nicked, and it's out of necessity.

Based on the lack of talent around him, he knows that he's got to play. Now his assists are up higher, because this year, he came into the year where he was going to be a distributor of the ball more. Now his shot, he said, in injuring his elbow this off season, he discovered something in his shot. So, that, discovering that in his elbow, so he's shooting the ball better, the combination of the injuries to his team, and the trade.

Because I believe if they don't trade, and they have the same collection of players, I believe LeBron takes some time off. But because they made that trade, and love getting hurt, it leads to him playing more minutes. And I believe that, in this season 15, he's trying to send the message that he can play all 82 games a lot like Michael Jordan used to do.

- And I want to add one thing that CC mentioned about the elbow injury and the shot. Up until January, LeBron was having the best three point shooting year of his career. In January, he was awful from three. I think he shot 21% from three in January after shooting 43% the season leading up to it. Since January ended, February to now, he's back to shooting 41% from three. Like that, if LeBron is shooting anywhere close to 40% from three, that's one of the reasons, in addition to the improved assist numbers, he's having the best offensive year, I believe, of his career is.

If he consistently is knocking down three pointers, there's no good way to guard him. There's no good shot to give him. And he has now developed that fade away he likes so much on the left corner, like the left elbow fadeaway that we saw him win a game with that we see him go to in fourth quarters regularly now. He did that again against Chicago.