Cris Carter explains why he’s optimistic about Tiger Woods heading into The Masters

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In his conversation with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reveals why he's optimistic about Tiger Woods heading into The Masters. How do you think Tiger will fair in Augusta?

- Oh, I'm very optimistic. I'll take you guys back to Friday morning. After Tiger had shot 4 under, he was on the leaderboard. People were excited. Henrik Stenson came back later on, shot a bigger number later-- earlier-- later in the day.

NICK WRIGHT: Later in the day on Thursday to get to 8 under.

- Yes, but I told you where I wanted Tiger Woods to be consistent, to make the cut, to get in contention on the back nine on Sunday, and finish in the top five. That's exactly what Tiger Woods did. He's been able to show that now I can bounce back. Two weeks-- he's done this twice this year in back-to-back tournaments, where he's been able to not only play and make the cut, but also get the practice rounds in, to get that nervous tension, to get out there in the crowd.

So for me, these were monumental tournaments for him to be able to feel the pressure, see himself hit shots-- not only his iron game, but his short game-- to be able to do that under pressure. That is what you want. Tiger Woods-- I said that last week, that he would win in the next month. I still believe in the next month, he will win a golf tournament. I wouldn't be shocked at all if he won the Masters.

If you look at this week's tournament, I think there's 140 players playing at Bay Hill, 24 of the top 50, probably the toughest field that we've seen in world play this year, Augusta is not that way. It will be the top field, but there's only 72 players. And in 72 players, I'm telling you, there are less than 20 that can actually win it. That means they have the game, and they have the nerve to be able to hold up to Augusta's pressure.

So yes, Tiger Woods-- amazing finish at Bay Hill, a tournament that he has dominated, has won eight times. This was exactly what I needed to see. And I'm really excited about Tiger going forward.