Nick Wright on the Warriors: If Steph Curry is hobbled, Portland can beat them

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Nick Wright breaks down to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe what Steph Curry's nagging ankle injuries signal for the Golden State Warriors in terms of competing with other hot teams in the Western Conference like the Portland Trail Blazers and the Houston Rockets.

- To me, this is a discussion of what would it take for Golden State to get got before the Western Conference finals. Because right now, we don't know who they're going to play in the first round. But assuming the bracket holds, we know what the two-three match-up is going to be. Golden State at two. Portland at three.

The West, which was jam-packed three through 10. It's now jam-packed four through 10 because Portland's won 11 games in a row. They are basically firmly your three seed. And I will sit here and tell you this morning that if Steph Curry is not 100%, if Steph Curry tweaks his ankle again-- I'm not worried about Kevin Durant ribs, and I think Clay Thompson's hands going to be OK.

- And Dre'Mont's shoulder--

- And Dre-Mont, I think that is, I think--

- That's just normal wear and tear from an NBA season.

- So this is about Steph.

- It's about Steph. If Steph Curry is hobbled or misses time in the second round of the playoffs, I believe Portland could beat them. Like, I think that is-- I think that's how well Portland is playing. And that is how valuable Steph is, even with as talented as the rest of the team.