Cris Carter on Warriors: If they miss Durant, Steph, Klay or Draymond, they’re not a championship team

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In light of Golden State's plethora of injured players, Cris Carter reveals to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why he believes if Golden State misses just one of their stars -- either Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson or Draymond Green -- their title chances vanish immediately. Will Golden State's injuries derail them from a championship repeat?

- Most people there are analyzing the NBA right now, they say in the West, Houston, Golden State would be in the finals. They give a little bit, you see people giving Houston more of a chance to win now, because game 7, 80% of the time game 7, I think, Nick, that the home team wins those games.

So we said just on paper, healthy, Houston's better. So now they've lost three of their top four players. What team wouldn't it matter to? Like man, this is troublesome for Golden State. Well, let's flip it over. Let's just say Harden missed a little bit of time, let's say Chris Paul. What would we be saying about Houston?

We know what we're saying about Cleveland and their injuries. So why don't we give the same amount of concern to the injuries of Golden State, all right? This is a team that absent I believe, of all four guys, any one of those guys out of the lineup, meaning Draymond, Klay, Steph, or KD, they are not a championship team based on how good Houston is.

And there's no good, there's no way that we can look at this and see the season and think that. There's no way they can win without Klay. I mean, Klay is the best stand-still shooter that they do have. He's also the best perimeter defender that they do have.

Draymond, man, he's got to be able to guard and rebound and pass the ball. His skill level and his temperament and what he brings to that team, they can't win a championship without him. Now KD and Steph, you guys can argue back and forth who's better, who's more valuable. I believe that's irrelevant.

The collection of talent that they have, I do not believe that they're special absent of one of those. Steph Curry, his injury is more significant, because it's something that he's battled throughout his career, let alone since January the 1st.

- Right.

- There's no player in the NBA that sprained his ankle four times in one season.

- Right.

- So to now to have Steph, as much as he relies on his ball handling and his quickness, having a gimpy ankle is not good for that.