Cris Carter reacts to Malcolm Butler saying Bill Belichick never gave him a reason for his Super Bowl benching

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In his conversation with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reacts to New England Patriots CB Malcolm Butler saying head coach Bill Belichick never gave him a reason for his benching in Super Bowl LII. With Butler headed to the Titans, how will this impact Tom Brady's chances to return to the Super Bowl?

- I'm not surprised he didn't tell me. That's the way he operates.

- Belichick.

- He's not very personal. He's not very one-on-one, and doesn't care about how people and their feelings, and how they deal with things. I'm glad for Malcolm Butler. This is a guy who came to the NFL. And yes, Newman did give him a chance, but he earned that chance. And he took advantage of that opportunity to become one of the best corners that we've seen enter the league.

I don't know what happened in New England Super Bowl. Matter of fact, I don't care. I'm just glad that the kid got paid. The man has been, he wanted a new contract. New England and him couldn't come to terms. The contract that he wanted-- Nick, you've been so up on pointing out that they gave that contract to Stephon Gilmore, when they brought him over last year as a free agent.

I'm glad that whatever the entail and the background check that they did and Mike Vrabel, who is a former New England guy, it lets you know that all those stories didn't pass out as far, didn't pass the test, pan out. So I'm really, really happy for the guy. It's hard to get in a position that he worked himself into being a free agent, and being a Super Bowl hero, and intercepting that pass against Seattle.