Nick Wright breaks down how Curry, Draymond and Klay’s injuries affect the championship landscape

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reveals how the Warriors' injuries including Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green will affect the NBA's championship landscape as the 2018 playoffs rapidly approach. Is Golden State still the favorite in the Western Conference?

- We know that aside-- remove LeBron James, and here are the list of teams, players, that have been to four straight finals-- Russell's Celtics, Magic's Lakers, Bird's Celtics. That's it. Not four straight championships. Just been to four straight finals because of the atrophy of the seasons. The Pistons went to three straight in the late 80s. And then they never went back. The Lakers went to three straight. They then did go back, but it wasn't the following year. The Lakers went to three straight again. They haven't been back since then.

Like, we have seen-- LeBron going to seven straight, four straight with Miami and now potentially four straight with Cleveland, has changed how we view the likelihood of this. But even if you just remove how many finals in a row the Warriors have been to, and we just look at injuries and their effect on the NBA championship, just go back a handful of years.

In 2012, the Bulls have the defending MVP. They're 50 and 16 in a lockout year. And Derrick Rose blows his knee out the first round of the playoffs. Their title hopes are gone. In 2013, the Thunder have the one seed. They look like they can get over the hump. They had been to the finals the year before. And Russell Westbrook injures his knee in the first round of the playoffs. And they're done. 2014, the Thunder again with Serge Ibaka. 2015, the defending MVP, Kevin Durant, misses the year with his foot. And, by the way, the best team in the East loses Kevin Love and then Kyrie Irving. 2016, the Clippers. That should be their year. Blake breaks his hand. Then Blake and [INAUDIBLE] get hurt in the playoffs. Last year, Kawhi Leonard. This year, Gordon Hayward and Kawhi Leonard again.

Injuries affect the championship picture every year in the NBA. It has worked to the Warriors benefit each of the last three years-- the injuries. This year we'll see. Like, Steph and Clay both are supposed to be back before the playoffs. But I'm curious how a broken bone in a hand affects one of the greatest shooters ever, even once the bone is healed. I'm curious how to see Steph Curry how he plays when he has four times this year injured a surgically repaired ankle.

And no one roots for injuries. But the law of averages says, they should affect every body. And this Warriors team, it has only affected them as far as their opponent being injured in the playoffs, never them being injured in the playoffs.