Cris Carter: LeBron has the body of Cam Newton, skillset of Aaron Rodgers and ability to dominate like Tom Brady

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Joined by Stephen Jackson, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reveals why LeBron James' training regiment coupled with his natural ability and his tenacious preparation are responsible for propelling The King to such epic heights in his 15th NBA season.

- LeBron is, like, not one player, but he's like several players. The only way I can do it now is just based on the NFL. I would say he has the body of Cam Newton. He still has the skill level of Aaron Rodgers. And he has the ability to dominate the game like Tom Brady.

So yes, those things are true. We have seen great athletes before with great bodies. God bless them. But did they have the tenacity to be able to grind it out every day?

One of my favorite things about LeBron is to watch some of the videos that he does before the game, the amount of work that he takes putting it into his body. Now, he's not a guy-- because we've seen this in sports, guys who are just good looking. They look like they've been lifting weights. They're playing a sport. But it doesn't transfer over to greatness.

So LeBron has embraced lifting weights. Most basketball players-- I was raised in a basketball family. Most basketball players do not believe in lifting any type of weight. It's going to throw off their shot. Not only did god give him the best body, but he also gave him the tenacity to realize, man, I need to take care of this.

LeBron has addressed every weakness he had in his game since he's come into the NBA. He has gone outside of his circle of friends to get resources, to learn more about the game. And he's benefited from the new style that they have in the NBA, where you can't foul a guy. And it's not me complaining. It's no different than being in the NFL.

These games are different now. The rules have adjusted, that type of play is less physical than we've ever seen before. But you have to embrace his ability to improve his own game. For him to be critical of himself-- and most great players don't do this, most talented people don't do this. They only work on their strengths, don't work on their weaknesses. So it's hard to become a complete player. And that's what, to me, are the exceptional things about LeBron.