Cris Carter on the Jets: I like Teddy Bridgewater, but I don’t know why they would sign Josh McCown

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Drawing upon the Jets signing Teddy Bridgewater and Josh McCown to 1-year deals, Cris Carter breaks down where New York got it right, and where the organization got it wrong with these recent additions. Do McCown and Bridgewater make the Jets any better than they were last year?

- I mean, the Jets were bragging about how they had $100 million available. Like, you would think--

- Now, they've got like $98 million available.

- I mean, how do you improve your football team? Like, you got to go out and spend the money. And you got to spend it on guys who can play. And I can understand even reaching for some guys that you could take a chance on. I can understand them signing Teddy Bridgewater.

But I don't know why they signed Josh McCown, like I really don't. Like, does he make the quarterback room better, like, at 39? Like, he's never been good, even when he was young. Like, you think he's going to be better when he's old?

Like, so for me, I think the Jets-- there's a reason why certain teams win, and there's a reason why certain teams lose. And I just wish they would give Todd Bowles the type of support that it takes to be a winning coach in this league. You need playmakers, all right? And you need a decision maker at quarterback. He's touching the ball every snap that is a play maker.

So I like the chance they took on Teddy Bridgewater, as far as one-- one-year deal there. That-- that is what Teddy should get, coming off being out of football for two years. I like that.

Their ability-- that they can still draft one of the top three quarterbacks at the number six position. Yes, that should be a good thing. But that's it the end of April. We're in free agency right now. And that money's no good. You can't carry that money over to next year.

So they need to spend and be spending more. If they're going to ever get out of the basement in the AFC East, you cannot continue to make decisions and get just average football players. You need some great football players. And I didn't see them going out and doing that.