King’s Landing: Cris Carter on Magic Johnson meeting with LeBron’s associates during Cavs’ loss to Lakers

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Cris Carter unveils to Stephen Jackson, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe what it meant for Magic Johnson to meet with LeBron James' associates Rich Paul and Maverick Carter during the Cleveland Cavaliers' loss to Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers. Is LA the optimal landing spot for The King and his talents?

- First thing's first. If Magic Johnson is trying to talk to me and I'm in the basketball business, I gotta talk to him. I believe it's responsible for Maverick Carter, one of his boys, and Rich Paul, his advisor, agent-- whatever you wanna say-- the relationship that they have-- it's irresponsible if you don't talk to Magic.

Given that LeBron is a historian of the game-- you know he has respect not only for what Magic's done on the court, but for off the court--

- Off court-- no question.

- He's got to keep Houston and Golden State in his sights, though. So he can't make this decision absent of knowing who is the competition. So does he want to be in the West, which-- I believe that the Lakers-- they will be a part of it. I don't believe the Lakers are the best fit for him. I believe San Antonio and then Houston and then, coming back east, Philadelphia and Cleveland, in that order, are the best fits for LeBron.

But LeBron can go anywhere. His brand is global. So it's not going to matter if it's in Akron, Ohio, or if it's in Philadelphia, PA. So that part-- the championships, to me, becomes paramount. Nick and I are in opposition as far as this. I'm not into getting to the finals and losing.


- Five losses in the finals is enough for me. So I know you're above Michael Jordan in the numbers. But that championship number-- given that, if you are the best basketball player in the world, how you can dominate the court compared to other sports like baseball and football, where you are not as responsible for winning championships-- to me, he has lost enough. And I believe it's going to be impossible if he mounts any more losses in the finals in passing Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player ever.

- Stephen, he's lost enough.