Nick Wright reacts to Richard Sherman saying Jimmy Garoppolo played a huge part in him going to 49ers

In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to Richard Sherman saying Jimmy Garoppolo played a huge part in him going to the 49ers. Is San Francisco an attractive place because of Jimmy G?

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- He played in six, he started five for the San Francisco 49ers. And he obviously was undefeated in those five. He played well. During those five, he was top six in the NFL in a lot of important passing categories. I get all that.

Am I-- am I buying all the hype? I mean, if we're annointing him as a top five quarterback, no. If we're saying he could be a top 10 quarterback, possibly. Do I think they probably paid a little more than his production will warrant? Sure.

But it doesn't really matter if I'm buying the hype if free agents are. Like I said when they got Jimmy Garoppolo that their ideal situation is to not play him so they could pay him less this offseason. Because what they didn't-- they were going to pay him a ton no matter what. But if he had a great month like he did, they end up having to make him the highest paid player in the history of the league.

- They were probably planning to do that if not for an injury.

- Well, they were planning to make him a high paid player. I don't know if it would have been the highest paid in the history of the league. But the-- I maybe disregarded the potential benefits of him playing well which are, yeah, you might have less salary cap space, but you all of a sudden might become a more attractive free agent destination.

Because I believe when players are looking at teams to sign with, the first thing they look at is money. And money being equal, the next thing they look at is, do I have a chance to win? Well, maybe playing time is the next thing they look at, but if they're a starter, then, do I have a chance to win? And do I have a chance to win is as closely correlated with, do they have a quarterback as anything else in football.

So I'm curious to see a team in San Francisco that desperately needs skill position players. Carlos Hyde's a free agent. I don't think Pierre Garcon is a number one in this league. Like, they need to be able to attract quality players this offseason if other people are saying what Richard Sherman is saying which is, I believe in this team partially because of the good-looking kid playing quarterback.

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