Cris Carter reveals how Giants GM Dave Gettleman and HC Pat Shurmur can fix the Odell Beckham Jr. situation

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In his discussion with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe surrounding the video that surfaced of Odell Beckham Jr. potentially engaging with illegal substances, Cris Carter reveals why he believes New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman and head coach Pat Shurmur need to be proactive early in this saga and help refocus OBJ on the one thing that should truly matter to him: being a great NFL football player. Do you agree with Carter?

- This what we have to realize too with Odell's situation with the Giants, even though he's been there, it's the only team he's been there, the general manager Dave Gettleman and the head coach, Pat Shurmur, they just got there. So they deserved the chance, regardless of whatever happened with the other coaches, the other general manager, however the organization treated them before, like these two gentlemen, they deserve the right to be able to try to guide his career in one direction or another. So it's easy for people to say, aw, they should get rid of him

Hm, well, when you're trying to football games and you're talking about getting rid of your best player, like what are your real options? Like what are they going trade him for? Like, are they going to get the right value for who he is as--

- And they'd be selling at an all time low.

- Absolutely. I mean, the timing of it.

- And coming off an injury, coming off-- that's what I mean, the timing of it. They would be trading Odell when his value has never been lower.

HOST: So what do they do?

- I believe they're going to stay with them. Now--

HOST: Or what do they do to send a message to him or to get through to him or this idea of, like, talking to him and trying to get him to turn the page that the others couldn't.

- You have to-- this is the thing because I know Shurmur and Odell, that they've met several times. And everything came out of the meeting very, very positive. But this is their first incident where they have something negative.

How are they going to do? I believe that Gettleman, he is a very regimented person based on his history there in Carolina. I believe they will put forth some type of plan for Odell, that if he gets off of the path, that they aren't outside the team, that they, they're going to discipline him. That means he might miss some time.

But I just believe as far as his contract negotiation, that's the best way to get his attention. He's saying he wants $20 million. Well, what he's saying and what they're going to pay him based on-- like, if he was to sign right now, he couldn't demand that type of salary. So I believe in their salary demands, they can put more restrictions on him or more pressure on him then they can based on, OK, we want you to do this, we want you to do that. Odell knows the right things to do. The thing is, at what point in his career is he going to be consistent--

- --is going to start doing it?

- --in doing those things.

- So I think the contract-- I think trading him would be insane. He's the best player on their team by a wide margin in my eyes. He is one of the very best players at his position. He's had one of the best starts to a wide receiver's career ever. Like, I think trading him would be nuts. You wouldn't get value.

But I think the fact that he wants a new contract right now could be beneficial to the Giants in this regard. What if they went to him right now, when he's in the heart of this firestorm say, you know what? We're going to give you-- you want to be the highest paid receiver ever? That contract, we've written it up. Here it is.

But they have-- they can put in there many more clauses, outs, things-- hey, you have all this money, but if you fail this drug test, guess what? The guaranteed money goes away. And if you get-- if you get in trouble for this, this is what happens. I feel like they have leverage to make it a team-friendly contract that makes him the highest paid wide receiver ever.

And now, listen, maybe that doesn't get, maybe that doesn't change the behavior. Maybe that's not enough of a carrot out there. But that way you could protect--

HOST: It's a big carrot, big carrot.

- --it's a huge carrot and you could protect yourself.

- Yeah.

- Go ahead.

- Regardless of what they decide to do. Odell's got to make up his mind. Do I want to be a star or do I want to be a great football player? Because right now, him going to premieres, red carpets, traveling around the world, like right now, he's trying to build his brand, you know?

But as a football player, it's going to suffer. So he has to make up his mind. Like, what do you want to do? Like, he wants people to recognize him as being one of the greatest athletes in the world.

HOST: Right.

- But really, what has he accomplished so far in the National Football League? So this is a very, very interesting time for him.