Stephen Jackson on the Warriors: Steph is the most important puzzle piece, but KD is the best player

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Joining Nick Wright, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First, Stephen Jackson explains why he believes the Golden State Warriors need to learn to function more efficiently with KD on the court and Steph still injured because the Warriors have shown they can win a championship without KD but not without Steph. Do you agree with Jackson?

STEPHEN JACKSON: This team was a championship team without KD. So just like the game against Minnesota. When KD-- you have to take 32 to 36 shots to get 39 points. I don't care how great you are, this team-- you can win-- this team can win without you taking that many shots. They were a championship team without that-- without you taking that many shots.

So I think if KD was out and Stephen was in, this team could still win. Because they're used to winning without KD. They won a championship without KD. With KD in his role without Steph, it's different for him because he don't know that he has other guys that could still be dominant without Steph being on the court.

I think-- I think they didn't go to Klay enough in that Minnesota game. He didn't get enough shots. And other guys. They play well. They're a team-- they play well together as a team. And when KD takes so many shots, it's kind of hard. So Steph is definitely the most important piece to that puzzle. But KD is the best player.

NICK WRIGHT: See, so that's-- you and I are in full agreement. I-- If-- if the Warriors stopped existing as a team and all the players were free agents, I think KD would be the first pick for another team. I think KD's their best guy, both ends of the court, can beat you so many different ways. But I think their most important guy is Steph. And the numbers, to me, back it up dramatically. This year, without Steph, they're 11 and 6. Without KD, when Steph plays, they're 7 and 0.

They-- with KD on and off the court, they outscore teams by the exact same margin. They're actually slightly just a tick better with him off the court. With Steph on and off the court, there-- there's a 14 point difference between how the Warriors do with him on to with him off. Like I just--

I think Steph unlocks things, not only for the offense as a whole-- but we saw Klay Thompson on Sunday. All of a sudden, Friday night and Sunday. OK, now you're gonna have to dribble a little bit. Not that comfortable with that. Like there's a lot of things that when Steph's out there, he gets so much of the attention from deep, Klay ends up with open jump shots. That doesn't happen as easily with Kevin Durant.