Stephen Jackson reveals why the Houston Rockets need to be the #1 seed more than the Warriors

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Joining Nick Wright, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First, Stephen Jackson reveals why the Houston Rockets need to be the #1 seed more than the Golden State Warriors. Do you agree with Stephen Jackson?

- I think the one seat matters more to Houston than Golden State.


- They've been there. They've been in the finals the last three years. You know, they've been at the top. They're broken records in wins. They're not really worried about that.

I think this team is so together that, whether they're first, second, or third, when they get in the playoffs, they know what they have to do. They've been there. They know what it takes to be champions.

I think Houston needs that number one spot, because they're not too confident in the playoffs, you know? I don't think anybody that knows the game of basketball not really buying this regular season Rockets. I'm not buying it. Because I know how teams take James out the game in the playoffs, and he just die.

The question is, what is Chris Paul going bring to this team when teams take James Harden out? Teams, they gonna double him. And they gonna make him give the ball to Capela at three-point line. What is he going to do with it at the three-point line? Teams haven't been doing that all regular season. They gonna take him out. They gonna struggle.

- So from a strategy standpoint-- let's stick on the Harden. You believe that he, right now, is probably going to be the MVP.

- No question.

- But you believe that there is a defensive way to be able to negate the way he's played during the regular season. And how it that?

- Yeah. well, it's been done in the last couple of years. I mean, if you look at it-- be honest-- he had an MVP season the last two years. You know, he's been doing the same thing. And they got to the playoffs. He didn't have Chris Paul. But they doubled him in the playoffs, took him out. Nobody else was able to do anything.

I think Chris Paul may be the answer. But when you double James and get it back to those big guys, they can't make plays. They tend to struggle when they do that.