Cris Carter on the Boston Celtics: They’re not a championship-caliber team without Gordon Hayward

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After the Celtics clinched a playoff berth with their win last night over the Minnesota Timberwolves, Cris Carter reveals to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why he believes Boston's ceiling this year would be getting to the Eastern Conference finals. With their 2nd best player in Gordon Hayward out, does Kyrie Irving's squad have a chance to compete with LeBron's Cavs for supremacy in the East?

- Make sure that we keep the proper perspective, you know, around this team. Defensively, they started off tremendous. But we just can't forget they lost the second best player in Gordon Hayward. Like, are they a championship caliber team without him? No, they're not. But it is nice to see Kyrie Irving in a situation where he's comfortable and with younger players who are developing.

One, with the scary incident we saw last night in Jaylen Brown, hanging on the rim, end up concussing himself. The momentum took him up under the hoop. He couldn't hold onto the rim, so he ended up falling on his shoulder, falling on his neck. A very, very scary thing. But his overall development--

- We should just mention, he is OK. Or, he's complete-- he says he had a headache.

- He walked out-- he walked off on his own. It looked like it could have been a spinal cord injury. It looked--

- It looked much worse--

- I don't want to say-- I don't want to say it wasn't bad, because a concussion's serious. But it was one of those scary NBA falls. He was going full speed. He dunks it. And his momentum carries him. He tries to hold on, and he's unable to hold on. But he did walk off the court. But go ahead CC.

- Yes, I believe their ceiling, though, would have to be the Eastern Conference finals. Like, you can't look to them to say, OK, are they an NBA champion? No, not yet. I believe they're a year or two away from being legitimate contenders for that title. But if they were to make it to the Eastern Conference finals after losing Gordon Hayward on the first day of the NBA season, I would consider that to be a great season.

Also, you would have Kyrie, who has already transitioned into this new role of, this is his franchise. He says he's comfortable. And they still got a bunch of picks. So they still [INAUDIBLE]. He can still make some moves to put them in the championship category. But right now, ceiling, I would say, the Eastern Conference finals. And they would be fortunate to be able to get there.