Jenna Wolfe on why KD must stop saying how great he is: We see it on your shoes, your fake Twitter accounts

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In her discussion with Nick Wright and Cris Carter, Jenna Wolfe unveils why it's time for Kevin Durant to stop telling people how great he is whether it's a trite message on his shoes or cannon fodder exploding from KD's fake Twitter accounts. Do you agree with Jenna?

- Here's what I'm picking up on, is that neither of you have an issue with what he said. I know you don't. You say it's well within any athlete's right to tell people how good they are. I would not have an issue with this if LeBron said it. For some reason, it's Kevin Durant. And it goes to everything else that has sort of been Kevin Durant's recent legacy. Like, a lot of the distracting stuff, a lot of the "let me tell you how good I am because me just showing you how good I am is not enough." People gasp when I get the ball. It's not-- what is the point of that? It's unnecessary. You're great. We know you're great.

We've seen it. We've seen it on the bottom of your shoe. We've seen it on your fake Twitter accounts. We've-- we know how good you are, every single night. I don't understand how that makes him look better, at all. To the fan, to his teammates.

- I don't-- I don't think he cares, nor do I think he should. He is a phenomenal player. He is not just, oh, man, we'll see if another guy come along with this. No.

- He is a phenomenal player.

- No, no. We are not going to see another seven footer--

- No.

- --who can dribble the ball, and score the basketball, cross people over, a rim defender.

- 100 percent.

- We are not going to see that. And what about being authentic? Like, what about that's the way he feels? Like, it's his career. I just get so upset with people who love to manage other people's career, because if I was that person, I would-- well, you're not that person. And that person deserves the right to be able to choose where they want to work. And when you have a microphone in their face, they have the right to say what-- and I believe Kevin Durant believes that.

- I-- I got-- Jenna, I was as critical of Durant for the shoes, and the fake Twitter accounts, and all of a sudden tough guy act that he was, I thought, perpetrating the first half of this year as anyone on television. I think those-- those-- all those things irked me. I thought he was not representing himself as a true superstar in this league should. All those things. This to me is just honesty. And I would-- maybe I'm a man on an island. I would-- I prefer every day of the week honest, authentic cockiness as opposed to false humbleness.