Nick Wright explains why LeBron is ‘absolutely’ playing his best basketball in his 15th NBA season

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In his reaction to LeBron James saying that his game is at 'an all-time high,' Nick Wright breaks down the metrics behind The King's season, providing an eye-opening, statistical analysis that validates LeBron's comments. Is LeBron truly at the apex of his career and playing the best basketball he's ever played?

- But the question is, is he playing as well as he's ever played? Offensively, absolutely he is. Now, he's not the defender he was those Miami years. In 2013, when he was second for defensive player of the year, he is not that guy game in, game out defensively. But what we've seen from LeBron the last two years, the last two years, he has set his career high in rebounding. He has set his career high in assists. He has set his career high in triple doubles last year. And he is going to break that record this year. Like, we talked at the beginning of the season, CC, is LeBron playing the best basketball of his career?

And then January happened. I just want to let the audience know what January was. That awful January, the only month he didn't win Eastern Conference Player of the Month, he gave you 23, 7, and 7 on 50% shooting. That was his awful month of the year. In NBA history, the only guys who ever average 23, 7, and 7 on 50% are Oscar Robertson and LeBron James. So like his awful year had only ever been done by Oscar Robertson. So like, his awful month, I should say. So, yeah, I think offensively, he's as complete of a player, CC, as complete as he's ever been, I should say.