Cris Carter on why LeBron’s MVP-caliber game against Nuggets won’t be enough to dethrone Warriors

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In his conversation with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter explains why LeBron James' MVP-caliber performance against the Denver Nuggets won't be enough to dethrone Curry, KD and the rest of the Golden State Warriors if the Cavs reach the NBA Finals. Do you agree with Cris?

- No one will doubt that when LeBron plays like this the Cavs can beat just about anyone. I mean, down the stretch, clutch shots, outside shots. I mean, he does it all. I guess my question would be, does he have to play like this in order for the Cavs-- I mean, what are we talking about here? The east? Are we talking about going up against the Warriors? Are you talking about winning it all? Does he have to have consistent games just like this in order for this team to win?

- Jenna, this is how LeBron plays in the finals. And they have been on to beat the Warriors. This is exactly what LeBron James-- if you look at the numbers, this is what LeBron has been doing. So now, I mean, we expect to get that. Now can LeBron, like last night against different opposition, can he do this four times? Because that's what he's going to have to be able to do. Like can Karl Korver, when those guys hit a shot-- which in game number--

- Three.

- Three.

- We were at.

- If he makes that shot, then LeBron--

- It's a different series.

- Then LeBron comes back with what he did last night. This is the way LeBron has played. Golden State has been that good that it wasn't good enough.