Villanova’s Jay Wright reveals why winning a regional championship is key before entering the Big Dance

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First, Villanova head coach Jay Wright reveals why winning a regional championship (the Big East Tournament for Nova) is key before a team enters the Big Dance. How far will the Wildcats make it in the NCAA tournament?

- Now coach, regardless of how you guys do this week in Madison Square Garden in the Big East tournament, you're going to be a number one, or number two seed. Let's personally talk about the Big East tournament.

- I like how you said that. Because everyone says, no matter what we do, we're going to be a number one seed. But that's not true.

- The way that you said it is true.

- You could get jumped. I mean, I am not rooting for that.

- That's true.

- No one else says that, and we don't talk about this in our program, but the reality is there's enough good teams that if we get beat in the Big East tournament, we will not be a one seed. So thank you for clarifying that.

- But you've made it important to the program. Two of the last three years you've won that Big East. Talk about how important, regardless of the seeding, how important it is to have that tournament championship before you go into the big dance.

- It's important before the dance, because it gives you great momentum, but it's also important for your program. We really evaluate our program. And what we do in the regular season. We won the championship the last few years, and this year we didn't. And Xavier had an incredible year, and we didn't have a bad year. They just had a great year.

And when you look back at this season, you look at how did you do over 18 games? And then you get into this Big East tournament, and you're playing against your brethren. Right? This is your league. So how do you do in this tight, contested, intense atmosphere?

And then the NCAA tournament is, it's a tournament. It's match ups. It's all kinds of things. So how we do in the regular season and this Big East tournament is really how we evaluate our program.