Alexi Lalas weighs in on what Neymar’s injury means for Brazil’s World Cup expectations

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With the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia only 100 days away, Alexi Lalas weighs in on what Neymar's injury means for Brazil's World Cup expectations.

- We're 100 days out of the World Cup, right? Neymar suffered a fifth metatarsal break, and so they're going to have to go in and put a pin in. You've had this. I've had it. It's a very common injury. It ends up being like a credit card. Eventually, it just wears down and it breaks. You turn sometimes, and it's not even involving contact. Sometimes you just turn, and it breaks. So he's going to have to have that pin put it.

Normally, at this point, it's about three months recovery. So he still would be back before the World Cup. But just like anything else, it's not just being back physically. It's being back so you're able to deal with it mentally into a huge, huge World Cup.

I think he's going to be there. I think he's going to be the same Neymar. And they're going to need him, because this is a talisman. This is a guy that is worth the price of admission, even coming off an injury. But it's something to watch, and we'll be all over it.

- Who do you like in this? Who are you rooting for? Who do you think has a chance to win this all?

- Well, I like Germany. But what's not to like? That's an easy thing to say.

- Yes.

- England is always interesting because England forever flatters to deceive. And England right now, what scares me is there is this incredible sense of confidence for what's happening with England. That could be a problem going for them. They have a wonderful goalscorer and Harry Kane. Can he lead them to the promised land? The last time England won the World Cup was back in the '60s back in the previous century. So it's been a long time.

- All right, I'm rooting for England, guys. It's official.

- All right, you've got your team. Cici, it sounds like, is a fan of Germany. I'm going with Mexico. All right.