Cavs Crisis: Cris Carter weighs in on LeBron’s squad losing to the Denver Nuggets

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In his conversation with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter weighs in on the Cleveland Cavaliers losing to the Denver Nuggets. As free agency rapidly approaches, what does this mean for LeBron James?

- Are you concerned? Go ahead, you go.

- I believe winning games are important.

- OK, so are you concerned about the Cavs?

- Yeah, absolutely. I've been concerned for a long time.

- OK, so what's--

- The trade did not cure what I have. And that is doubt that the Cavs, can they put it all together? Like, are they a championship team? Yes, I have doubts about that. Yes.

- It put a Band-Aid on it, but I don't think it cured it.

- Well again, I we're-- question is, what are we discussing here? Are we discussing are the Cavs the favorites to win the title? No, they haven't and the favorites to win the title all year, and there was nothing they could have done throughout the regular season.

- What's a good season for Cleveland?

- A successful season is winning the title.

- OK.

- Yes.

- Do you have concerns about them winning the title?

- But that would have been-- Chris, that would have been the question no matter what. Like, of course. Everyone would have been concerned.

- So what's the problem with that?

- Everyone would have been concerned with the Cavs' chances of winning the title as long as Golden State exists in its current iteration, especially since the Kyrie trade happened. But if we're talking about because they lost to Denver, and because they're now four and four since the trades, what is my level of concern, I know this about the Cavs. They have gone through three separate team makeovers throughout the year, somewhat unprecedented for a team in one season. They're going to, by the way, have to go through a fourth when Kevin Love gets back.

The beginning of the year, they didn't have the training camp with LeBron. They had all these new players post-Kyrie. They struggled right then. Then, they got going, and then Isaiah Thomas came back. They struggled there. Then the trade deadline happens. I don't know if it's fair to say they struggled. That game, if you watched, it's one-point game with two minutes left. Missed three, made three and game changed.

But I mean-- I'm not-- am I worried about the Cavs clearly being the best team in their conference come the playoffs? No, I'm not worried about that. I don't know where you stand on that. I think-- I feel like that's the question.

- I think the question should be, can they win a championship? Are you concerned about their ability to win a championship? Yes, I'm very concerned. This is the reason why. Because even since they've gotten the new players, LeBron James has played well. But the rest of the guys have not blended in well with him.

So that's my number one concern. LeBron is playing well. My number two concern, how much juice does George Hill have left in the tank? And, is he good enough offensively for them to be a championship team? That's number two. Number three, the younger players, they are younger, but they're the same bad defensive team. So that's number three. Number four, Tristan Thompson. Even before he got hurt, how good is he as the Cavs' center, and should Kevin Love be their center?

- Does that four? Here comes number five. J. R. Smith throws something on one of the assistant coaches. OK, so no. Nick shouldn't be concerned, but anyone else out there who's watching basketball, if you think that Cleveland is a championship team, and you are missing these things, then you're not watching what's going on.