Nick Wright unveils the crucial change Lonzo made that could finally quiet his haters

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Reflecting on Lonzo Ball's 18-point performance in the Los Angeles Lakers' win over the San Antonio Spurs, Nick Wright reveals to Cris carter and Jenna Wolfe how Lonzo has been able to focus on his game and quiet the haters. Do you agree with Nick?

- That's the key. The fact of the matter is, the first 25 games he played, his defense was good. His rebounding was a leap for his position. His passing was elite, for a rookie. But his shot in offensive game-- non-passing-- was broken.

And, since then, the last 15 games he's played, his shot-- not only has it not been broken any more, look at that. I mean, he's shooting 44% from three over the last 15 games, from 24% from three in the first 25 games. Like, that's the difference. The difference is in that improved three-point shot has led to an increased overall percentage on his regular field goal percentage. Like, that is the difference.

And if this guy is just-- 44% is an elite three-point shooter. I don't think he is that, long term. But, if he is just an adequate three-point shooter, the rest of his game is already so mature.

He's a better defender than I thought he would be, at any point. I thought he'd be a defensive liability. The coaches and the Lakers say he's been their best defender on the team. He's obviously their best passer.

Like, if he can hit shots, he becomes a dynamic offensive player. And he becomes the guy that they thought was worthy of the number two pick, the guy that I thought was worthy of the number one pick.