Nick Wright reacts to the Rockets extending their win streak to 15 straight with victory over Boston

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to the Houston Rockets extending their win streak to 15 straight with their victory over the Boston Celtics.

- The Rockets, in postseason history-- because it's about Chris Paul, Mike D'Antoni, and, of course, James Harden. And I feel like there is just a level of, almost, misinformation going on about what these guys' actual histories are. So let's start with the head coach.

Because people are like, ah, D'Antoni teams-- in the regular season, they're great. But then, in the postseason-- in 2005, when the Suns maybe could have won the title, coached by Mike D'Antoni, they make the Western Conference finals. But their second or third best player, Joe Johnson, broke his face. So they lost to a 59-win Spurs team. There's no shame there.

In 2006, they make the Western Conference finals. And they lose to a 60-win Mavs team. In 2007, they're playing a 58-win Spurs team-- a team that, if they beat, they would have won the title, because, on the other side of the bracket, was a way too young Cleveland Cavalier team.

Well, what happened? Their guys got suspended after Robert Horry hip checks Steve Nash, knocked him-- and the guys ran on the court. And, then, in 2008, the last year of the D'Antoni era, they lose in the first round to a Spurs team with a better record.

Like, I don't see the choking there that I'm supposed to believe has happened. James Harden and the Rockets have played to their seed every year but one in the-- since he's been there. Like, the idea that these guys have some history of wilting in the playoffs, from coach, to best player, to second-best player-- I just don't think the history backs that up. So, yeah, I believe in the Rockets. Yeah, I don't think-- oh, the postseason is going to be some boogie monster for them.