Nick Wright reveals why joining Embiid and Simmons in Philly is the best ‘legacy fit’ for LeBron

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Reflecting on LeBron James' stellar, 30-point performance last night against the 76ers, Nick Wright reveals to Chris Broussard why Philly is the best 'legacy fit' for The King if he decides to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. Should LeBron join Joel Embiid and Ben SImmons in Philly?

NICK WRIGHT: I think the best, I think the best basketball fit may be short term. Could be Houston if Harden is cool with it. But the best legacy fit along with basketball is Philadelphia.

- Even better than San Antonio?

NICK WRIGHT: Yes. Because there's no, yeah but. With San Antonio, the yeah but is, OK you're joining a team that won championships. The greatest coach ever. Kawhi Leonards been a finals MVP. With Houston, oh wait, so you're going to join the reigning MVP. A team that won-- what are they going to win, 65 games this year. If you go to Philly, those guys have never won anything. They're all young. If you go to Philly and win, there is no asterisk. There is no oh, you did it. If you go to Houston and win a title, not that there's a huge asterisk, but you do join--

- Houston, there's a little.

NICK WRIGHT: There is something. And if you go to San Antonio, which we don't think he will, there is at least something to be said about what the coach was. Now I don't think it would be fair.

- But I think that would-- I think that's where Lebron's been at a bit of a deficiency. And I'm not criticizing Erik Spoelstra, Tye Lou, Mike Brown. They've been good coaches. But they're not Greg Popovich or Phil Jackson or Pat Riley.

NICK WRIGHT: Not in the pantheon coaches. And those are basically everyone that we look at in-- or even Bill Russell with Red Arback. Like Kareem with Pat Riley later in his career. Like almost all those guys have had the benefit of extraordinary coaches, and struggled by the way without them. Kobe struggled the small time Phil wasn't there. Jordan struggled the small time Doug Collins was there. So that is something Lebron's never had the benefit of. I think that's the best fit for his legacy. And I think they could win a title, like if Embiid were to stay healthy. I'm very interested to see.

You mention Golden State all the time. Golden State would have more talent, I understand that. But I look there and I see 6'8", 6'10", 7'2", and I'm like OK. Go play the small lineup, be hard to defend. But you've got nowhere to hide Steph. You've got nowhere to hide any body, because of the overwhelming size of what that team could be. And no one could say LeBron was joining a team that would have won without him, that was fine without him, which they could say in Houston.