Chris Broussard on Lonzo Ball: His dad and the media put a target on his back – he will never be Magic

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In his conversation with Nick Wright, Chris Broussard reveals why he says Lonzo Ball has been treated somewhat unfairly due to the pressure put on him by both his incendiary father LaVar and pundits in the media. Do you agree with Broussard that Lonzo is not a 'bust'?

- I've said it before. I think Lonzo has been treated very unfairly. People have said he's a bust. I'm, like, they were saying he was a bust in like his second month in the NBA. I mean, what are you thinking?

- 12 games in.

- Exactly. And it's been because-- and I'm not-- I don't want to put all the blame on his dad. I'm not saying this as a negative. It is what it is. His dad's bluster, his dad's braggadocio, his dad's antics put a target on Lonzo's back. Not just from players, not just Patrick Beverley and guys that went at Lonzo, but from the media and fans. Meaning, people expected way too much of him.

They expect-- LaVar said, he's going to be an All-star in his first year. He's going to lead the Lakers to the playoffs his first year. Magic Johnson joined in. Save some of my records, Lonzo. Let me say this. As great-- no matter how great Lonzo becomes, he will never be Magic Johnson. He's not a Magic Johnson player.

I think at best, he's a Jason Kidd, which is great. That's a Hall of Famer. That's a guy that got to two finals, won the-- three finals-- won a championship. So that would be great if he's Jason Kidd. But he's not going to be Magic. But because of those expectations, people looked at his struggles in the first two months and said, he's a bust, like I he was a three-year veteran.