Nick Wright on the Cavs trading Isaiah Thomas: He was a toxic force in the locker room

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Reflecting on Isaiah Thomas and Dwyane Wade having big scoring outings last night, Nick Wright reveals how the Cleveland Cavaliers corrected their playoff trajectory by trading D-Wade and Isaiah Thomas who Nick believes to have been a 'toxic force in the locker room' along with Jae Crowder. Do you agree with Nick?

- IT could average 30 the rest of the year, and the Cavs trading him was the right move.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: I've got to agree.

- He was a toxic force in that locker room. That was not entirely on him, by the way. But he was. It was what it was. He and Jae Crowder both still wanted to be in Boston.

Both didn't seem to love playing with LeBron. Both certainly didn't love their roles on that team. They had to move those two guys. Additionally it's been reported, and I think credibly, that D-Wade got a little sideways with some of the guys in that locker room that had won championships.

Not intentionally. Not D-Wade trying to be a jerk. But D-Wade carries himself like who he is. Like one of the 25 greatest players ever. Like a champion. Like a guy who is--

- It might be a little high but--

- OK. OK.

- But go ahead.

NICK WRIGHT: Regardless. A first ballot, no doubt, Hall of Famer who at one point in his career was one of the three best players in the sport. That's what he carries himself like. And like he's Lebron's best friend, because he is.

And he walked into that locker room when some of the guys felt like, wait, you just got here, man. You just got here and you're not that anymore. It was reported also that it wasn't just Isaiah Thomas that confronted Kevin Love about, where did you go, bro, the day that he left the team with illness.

But D-Wade was a part of that as well.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: The first one.

- That D-Wade was the first one and Isaiah piled on. So D-Wade needed to be moved for a lot of reasons. And with the trades, he wasn't going to get minutes anymore. If you remember, they didn't get anything back for D-Wade. They got occasional second round pick that won't convey.

They did that out of a courtesy to him. They said, hey, you can stay here, but your minutes are going to go away. Or we can work out a trade with you to Miami. And what that did for D-Wade and, for what it's worth, Gabrielle Union, was a little rejuvenation for them as a family, for him as a player.

I get to finish my career where I always should have finished my career. I have no reason to believe D-Wade would have played the way he's played the last two games if he were still in Cleveland. So for those reasons--


- --I don't think they have any regret about moving those guys. They needed to be moved. What did Koby Altman say? We were on a slow march towards death until they made these trades. They had to make these trades.

- No question.

- But I wish both these guys the best. I hope D-Wade has some awesome playoff moments. And I hope IT gets a bucket of money. These guys-- D-Wade for very different reasons-- they have amazing stories and have, in different ways, been amazing players. But they weren't useful for the Cavs anymore.