Chris Broussard and Nick Wright reveal their picks for Performance of the Year for First Things First’s NBA Midseason Awards

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Chris Broussard and Nick Wright reveal their picks for Performance of the Year for First Things First's NBA Midseason Awards. Who's your pick out of Boogie Cousins, James Harden, LeBron James or Joel Embiid? Vote on Twitter @FTFonFS1 to make your choice.

- I have to go with Harden. And I said it on the show the next day I was on after that. He did something, a 60-point triple-double, which we've never seen. We don't know if Wilt and any of those guys did it before they began recording and stuff like this.

NICK WRIGHT: Right, before you actually kept a box score.

- Yeah, right.

HOST: Just guessed, [INAUDIBLE].

- But, as far as we know, Wilt Chamberlain, who rewrote the record books, Oscar Robertson, who did the same thing, they never did this. Any time you do something that those guys never did-- because they were playing in an era where there was the unwritten rule of how many black players you had on the team, so the talent wasn't what it is today. And that's why they put up these cartoonish numbers. They never even did this. James Harden is doing this against the absolute best competition in the world. I have to give him the nod on best performance of the year.

- We have seen some absolutely jaw-dropping statistical thresholds reached, not only this year but last year as well, from Russell Westbrook


NICK WRIGHT: --averaging a triple double to Russ and Harden having a combined six 50-point triple-doubles, which is more than the entirety of league history prior to the last two years from those two guys. LeBron's 57, 11, and 7 was great. Embiid's was another unprecedented line, 46, 15, 7, and 7, and Boogie having a 40, 20, 10 game, it's absurd. None of it's Harden's 60-point triple-double. And part of it is the bias, I suppose, about how great of a year he's having.

But from a points-created standpoint, it's the best game we've seen. It's better than Kobe's game. It's better than Kobe's 81-point game from a point's created standpoint.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: How many did he create?

- Kobe, well, he had 81 points and 2 assists.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Two assists, yeah.

- So I mean, I'm shocked he got the two.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: But I mean Harden in that game [INAUDIBLE].

- Harden in that game I think it was 87. I think it was--

- So it would be second only--

- I think it was the--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: --really to Wilt.

- Well, there was a 57 and like 17 assist game, I believe, that-- so it's second or third-most points created in NBA history. It's the only 60-point triple-double ever. It is neck and neck if not better than Kobe's 81-point game. It's the performance of the year. It might be the statistical regular-season performance of the decade in the NBA. It is jaw dropping to do what he did. And if people watched that game, man, every point mattered.


- He had a four-point play to tie to the game and then a step-back jumper to win the game. Those were points 50-- I guess what would that be, 55 through 60? So every point mattered.