Nick Wright and Chris Broussard pick the Year’s Best Dunkers in First Things First’s Midseason NBA Awards

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Nick Wright and Chris Broussard make their picks for the 2018 Best Dunkers of the Year in First Things First's Midseason NBA Awards. Who is your pick out of Zach LaVine, Larry Nance, Jr., Donovan Mitchell and Aaron Gordon?

- --a dunk contest, I would go with Aaron Gordon, but we're not. We're talking about game dunks this year.

JENNA WOLFE: In-game dunks.

- Zach Levine's been hurt most of the year, so I take him out. I'm going with Larry Nance Jr.


- Because to me, the best game dunks are on people, all right? Not wide open lane, not a fast break-- unless it's just something tremendous. Donovan Mitchell has had some incredible dunks. But not like Zach!


- Not like that! Look at the extension. And that's over seven-foot KD-- Kevin Durant. So I gotta-- just for that dunk, I have to go with my man Larry Nance. And even Cris Carter would admit that--

- Yes.

- --KD got dunked on on that one.

- Well, right. Of course. Cris has a very high standard for what getting dunked on is and is not. That was an amazing dunk. But he's not my dunker of the year.

I'm going with Aaron Gordon. Aaron Gordon-- we don't watch him a lot because he's in Orlando. And Aaron Gordon-- I will give him credit, because he has diversified his game to a degree.


- He is one of the more improved players in the league. But I'm also partial to a guy his size.

Now, Larry Nance is a big guy as well, absolutely. But like, Levine's thin. Donovan Mitchell is more what we're used to.

Donavan Mitchell, by the way-- poor guy-- he's been nominated two times in two days. Not going to win either one of them.

- I know.

- I think Aaron Gordon's, right now, the most violent dunker in the league. And a lot of Nance's involve an alley-oop, which is great. Gordon, more often than Nance, to me, can do it on his own. There are no bad choices here. But for me, it's Aaron Gordon. He is the dunker of the year in our "First Thing's First" awards.

- Yes, go online, and definitely put your vote in.

- Yes.