Rocket Power: Nick Wright reveals why Houston’s Big 3 pose a serious threat to dethroning Warriors

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Reflecting on James Harden saying that 'this is the year' for the Rockets to win a championship, Nick Wright reveals to Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe why Houston's Big 3 pose a serious threat to dethroning the Golden State Warriors. Do you agree with Nick that James Harden, Chris Paul and Clint Capela can take down Steph, KD and the rest of the champs?

- Daryl Morey said when he was asked about the fit of Harden and Paul, he said, you know, he's obviously an analytical bass jam, but he had a very basic point. He said, I'm a big believer, you add as many Team USA players as you possibly can, and figure it out from there.

And that's what-- that's what they did. People didn't know Harden and Paul would fit together, but the point you make is critical.

What-- when the Thunder, when they still had KD, what-- their biggest adjustment that Scott Brooks made and Billy Donovan eventually made is they made sure Ross and KD, one of them is playing at all times. It gives us a great chance to have the best player on the court at all times.

With the Warriors. Steph or KD, in big games, one of them is playing at all times. The Rockets are doing the same thing. And you mentioned Capela and this is why I do believe that the Rockets are a real threat. Not a one in 10 chance, not a they need Golden State to get hurt. But they can go toe to toe with them and beat them. Not be the favorites but they could beat them.

There have been 31 games this year with Chris Paul, James Harden, and Clinton Capela play. They are 30 and 1 in those 31 games. When they have their big three-- people forget Capela's importance because of the defensive end-- they have been as good as any team in the sport. And that's a big sample size. That's 40% of the. season.