Chris Broussard on LeBron becoming 1st player in NBA history with 30K points, 8K boards and 8K assists

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In his reaction to LeBron James becoming the 1st player in NBA history with 30K points, 8K boards and 8K assists, Chris Broussard reveals to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe where The King falls amongst the greats and why he believes LeBron is a hybrid of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. How does this impact LeBron's legacy?

- We have never seen anybody like him. Whether you think he's the greatest ever, I've got him number two, I know you-- you think you've got him number one, or something like that. But he-- we've never seen a player like him. They say the mixture of Magic and Michael, and that really is what he's about, 50%, right in the middle.

- But do you think numbers like this? Because we talked earlier this morning, you think he'll be 40, 40,000, 10,000, 10,000, at some point.

- 40,000 is--

- I mean, that's impressive--

- What does he need to do to get to 40?

- To get to 40--

- To only score 10,000 more points.


- But so let's assume he plays five more seasons, that's 80 games a season, so call it-- it'd be 25 points a game for the next five years.

- That's a lot to ask.

- It's a lot to ask.

- For the next five. Probably the next three.

- So-- but if he plays more than five--

- Depending on where he goes, too.

- But so-- but 40,000, 10,000, 10,000, is absolutely in play. 35,000, 10,000, 10,000 is almost, I would say, a lock but-- go ahead.

- Say he does. Say he does get to that point. Numbers like this, or the trajectory that he's on still at this age, could that cement him in your opinion as the greatest player of all time?

- No. The only thing in my opinion that's going to help LeBron, the numbers are great, but to pass Michael Jordan, you have to win more championships. Because Lebron's longevity is unheard of, and it's going to-- his numbers overall are going to dwarf Michael Jordan's on an accumulative basis.

But if you have a prime of, say, 17 or 18 years, and you only win three titles in that time, that could also be used against you.

- When you say win more, you mean more than he has, not necessarily more than Michael.

- No, no. I don't think--

- You're not saying he has to win seven.

- It's not all about championships, and it's not all about individual stats. Kobe Bryant has five championships. Most pundits-- now, a lot of players think Kobe's better than LeBron. Most pundits have LeBron, including myself and you, ahead of Kobe. I don't even-- as great as Kobe is--

- Not even close.

- --I don't think it's an issue. Look, Larry Byrd only had three titles. Bill Russell had 11, but Michael Jordan's better so Jordan was the perfect combination of winning and individual statistical dominance.

And so LeBron will have the stats, but he's got to win more championships. Four-- let me just say this. If he could win the championship with this Cleveland team, and I know that's putting a heck of a burden on him. But if he could win the championship and beat a Golden State team that has a-- I think they're going have four Hall of Famers--

- Yep, they will.

- --with this cast of role players, probably twice, or even once, then I think it's a legitimate conversation with Jordan, but not until then.