Chris Broussard on the Spurs: With Kawhi, they can beat any team in the league in a 7-GM series except Warriors

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Reflecting on the report that Kawhi Leonard has resumed working out with the San Antonio Spurs, Chris Broussard reveals to Nick wright and Jenna Wolfe why he believes Kawhi can elevate Gregg Popovich's squad to be able to compete and defeat any other elite team in the league in a seven-game series... except for the Golden State Warriors. Do you agree with Broussard?

- Guys, let's go ahead and assume that he does come back in March, he does make an impact on this first team. Do they all of a sudden become legitimate contenders in the west? They are contenders, they always are, I think, as long as Gregg Popovich is on the team.

But what does it do to them, where does it elevate them in the west?

- Look, well, you said it, in the west. I believe this wholeheartedly. With Kawhi Leonard, and darn near without him, but with him, they could beat any team in the league in a seven game series. Not definitely would--

- Any team in the east.

- Period.

- Oh, OK.

- Except for Golden State.

- Oh, OK.

- They could beat Houston. I mean, they did it last year in six games.

- With Kawhi, you're saying.

- With Kawhi Leonard. They are as good as anybody in the league except Golden State. I don't think they have the athleticism to guard Golden State over the course of a seven game series on the perimeter now. They can go big, which most teams can't.

- They can go real big.

- But at this stage of his career, I don't think Pau Gasol can punish you consistently enough like he used to be able to, to really outweigh the three point shot that Golden State has.

And Aldridge will have some big games, but over the course of seven games, will he punish Golden State enough to outweigh the three point shooting? I don't think so.