Chris Broussard and Nick Wright unveil who will be the 2018 NBA MVP

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Chris Broussard and Nick Wright unveil to Jenna Wolfe who will be the 2018 NBA MVP. Who do you think will win MVP?

- You could have stopped after the choices are-- James Harden. That's it.

- That's it.

- There's no MVP discussion as far as I'm concerned. It is James Harden, period, the end. LeBron, other than January, has been great. The team hasn't been great. That's part of the voting. You know, James Harden leading the league in scoring, second in assists. His PER-- I don't know if it's number one PER, but it's right up there in the top two or three.

I mean, this guy has been the bridesmaid, second the last two years.

NICK WRIGHT: Two of the last three.

- Two of the last three I thought he actually should have won it in 2015 when Steph won his first win, and the players voted for Harden as well. Unless he falls off a cliff or they start losing-- and Chris Paul-- You can look at that record and say well, he's got Chris Paul. Chris Paul's missed 18 games. Like to me, this is the most obvious MVP. This is almost as obvious as when Steph was unanimous a couple years ago.

- All right. So I'm glad you brought up Steph being unanimous a couple years ago. LeBron won his first MVP nine years ago. This is the 10th season since then. Eight of the last nine years, the league MVP should have been LeBron.


- The one-- Hold on. Hold on a second. Wait a second. I'm not-- The one year, it shouldn't have been was Steph's unanimous year. This year, it shouldn't be either. James Harden's your MVP. James Harden is-- It's not only what you said about points and assists, it's the team record. It's the-- They are 31 and 3 when he and Chris Paul play. They're 29 and 1 when he, Chris Paul, and Clint Capela play.

And it's not just a ah-- he's finished second a couple of times, and we feel badly for him. It is-- He's been the best player in the league this year. And you're right, LeBron had an argument through Christmas day. Through Christmas day, that team--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Who'd you have through Christmas day?

- I had Harden's-- I had Harden, but Harden didn't-- Remember, he got hurt.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: It was close. Exactly.

- Harden got hurt and, I was like OK, this can be Lebron's chance to overtake him.


- Because Lebron's going to play-- would appear maybe in all 82 games after being criticized for sitting out some games last year. LeBron still in the year is given you 26, 8 and 8 on 55%. Giannis is giving you 28, 10 and 4 on 54%. None of them have been as good as Harden, and none of them have as many-- not that this should be the determining factor-- oh, my god, what happened moments. Like the whole league has 6, 40 and 10 games. 40 point, 10 assist games.

Harden is 3. The rest of the league has 3. The whole league has 2, 50 and 10 games. Harden has both of them. Like he's had enormous games. He's been consis--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: And a 60 point triple double--

NICK WRIGHT: 60 point triple double

CHRIS BROUSSARD: First time in NBA history.

- One of the greatest stat lines we've ever seen. Like I-- This year, Harden's been the best player in the league. Like he's been the most important player to his team. And so for the first time-- For only the second time in a decade, I don't think the MVP should be LeBron. I think it should be Harden.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: I'll give you-- look, if you just say who's the most valuable player of the NBA, it's LeBron because he's the business of the NBA. You know all that. And you take him off this Cavaliers team, and they absolutely fall off a cliff. OK, so that's always the case. But it's not just given to the best player in my view, as a voter, and Harden's clearly been the best.

- And you're right; he is tops in PER.