Chris Broussard unveils two things he does not like about the Golden State Warriors

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In his discussion with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Chris Broussard unveils two things he does not like about the Golden State Warriors. Do you agree with Chris?

- This is one of the most exciting teams in the history of basketball, OK? You got the best backcourt in the league-- in league history. That's right. I'm saying that. Unless Harden and Paul stay together for another five, six years and play like this, I think that's the best backcourt in history, obviously, the best shooting backcourt.

What they did against OKC in that third quarter when they just blew the game open, they can do that at any moment. They are never out of a game. You remember last year during the finals, we were watching the Cavs have a record-breaking 3-point night. And we still didn't feel like it was over.

This team can always come and win a game from behind. So-- but I don't mind Steph doing the shimmy. I like the shimmy. I don't even mind Nick Young doing the shimmy. But there are two things that bother me about the team. One is Zaza. We talked about earlier. I don't like his dirty antics, although I wouldn't kick him out of league. And Kevin Durant seems to be-- he's a different personality--

NICK WRIGHT: A lot of angst.

- --than he was. Yes. And if that's who you are, fine. Like Draymond does it. That's who Draymond is. It doesn't appear to be who Durant is because--

JENNA WOLFE: Because it never was.

- --we never saw it in OKC. So that, I don't like. If that's really who he is and he was just--

JENNA WOLFE: Yeah, but it's not.

- --repressing that in OKC--

- Right.

- --then, great. But I don't like that if that's not who you are.