Nick Wright weighs in on what the Dallas Cowboys should do with Dez Bryant

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Nick Wright weighs in on what the Dallas Cowboys should do with Dez Bryant. What should Jerry Jones do with his outspoken wide receiver?

- After this year, it would only cost him $4 million against the cap. After this year, it becomes very easy. This year--

- What would you do?

- So here's the thing. We bang on Dez a lot on this show, and he has earned that. He has earned the criticism. He was bad last year. Dak was worse targeting him than anybody else. He has not lived up the last few years to the contract that he did earn by those extraordinary years-- three, four, five of this career. But you're six, seven, eight as you talked about-- it's been a clear downward trajectory.

But if right now, let's say the Cowboys today cut Dez Bryant. You know who the best free agent wide receiver in the NFL would be league-wide? Dez Bryant. So we talk about as if the Cowboys have some great option. By cutting him you'd save $8.5 million bucks. But who are you going to go get?

Jarvis Landry-- he catches a ton of balls. But it's seven yards a catch every time. Jarvis Landry's been franchised, so they'd have to trade something for him and give him a huge deal. Sammy Watkins is out there, but we don't know what Los Angeles is going to try to do with Sammy. After that, it's Terrelle Pryor, who had a terrible season. Mike Wallace, who was on the wrong side of 30-- I don't see a better option for the Cowboys who need a dynamic wide receiver.