Nick Wright reacts to LeBron’s Cavs losing to the San Antonio Spurs

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In his conversation with Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers losing to the San Antonio Spurs. Are the Cavs the favorite to come out of the East?

Ty Lue's got to figure out the rotation, and it's almost working on a car that you know you're going to sell. Because then Kevin Love comes back, and then it's a totally new rotation. Kevin Love will play the second most minutes probably of any Cav in the playoffs behind LeBron. So anything he does right now is just temporary fixes.

Do I think people jumped on the Cavs bandwagon too soon? I do not. I think what we saw the day before the trade deadline, the Wednesday night against the Timberwolves when LeBron hit the game winner-- that day LeBron found out the trades were coming. I know that. He didn't know exactly what they were, but he knew what the possible trades were.

And what they acquired at the trade deadline was a rejuvenated LeBron James, a reengaged LeBron James. They got the best player in the league back. LeBron won Player of The Month in November, won it in December, is about to win it in February. January-- he was not the same guy. And so that's why I think people jumped back on the bandwagon.

And so what happened yesterday? To be honest, similar to what happened when they lost a few days before to Washington. Against Washington-- what happened at the end of the game? Everyone other than LeBron went 0 for 10 from the field-- didn't score a point.

Yesterday, of every game LeBron James has played in his career-- over 1,100 at this point-- there has not been a single game where the other four starters scored fewer points than yesterday. It's the lowest points Lebron's other four starters have ever scored in any game in his career. Those starters played 64 minutes.

CO-ANCHOR: In the fourth quarter, or just period?

- The game, for the game. Those starters played 64 minutes, 6 for 28 from the field, 14 points, 1 assist. That's why they lost. Listen, you can look at the box, or you can go down the line. OK, what did George do? 1 for 7. JR-- 1 for 8. Cedi Osman-- 1 for 6. Tristan Thompson-- 3 for 7. So that's the story of the basketball game-- what those other guys did. I think that's more of an outlier than a trend.