Danny Kanell: ‘Kirk Cousins can be the next Drew Brees’

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Discussing possible landing spots for Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, Danny Kanell shares his lofty expectations for Cousins with Chris Broussard on First Things First. Where will Cousins choose to play next season?

- He's already been criticized as much as you can be in Washington. And not only by the media, but by his own team--

CRIS CARTER: Yeah, true.

- --who basically backed over the truck, ran over back and forth several times. When Jay Gruden's, comments after the season was over, saying a good quarterback doesn't go 7 and 9. Here's the crazy thing about Kirk Cousins. If he was selected at the spot RG3 was, because he was drafted later, fourth round, even the same draft. If he was drafted first round, he would still be with Washington, he would have been extended years ago, like couple of years ago. After the 2015 season, he would have gotten a nice big contract, but it's the perception of him.

And it drives me crazy, because he has proven over three years. This isn't a seven-game body of work like we're talking about Jimmy Garoppolo, it's not a small Nick Foles one season that he had back in 2013. This is three years he's been in top ten in almost every meaningful category as far as passing stats. So he has proven it. Now he's going to get the opportunity for a team to believe in him.

Kirk Cousins can be the next Drew Brees. Because the perception around Drew Brees was similar. When he was with the Chargers at San Diego, coming off the shoulder surgery, there were only two teams that were even considering looking at Brees. It was the Dolphins and the Saints. Didn't go to Dolphins, didn't work out, medical concerns. Sean Payton said, hey, we believe in you. I think a team that says to Kirk Cousins we believe in you, I think you can get that caliber of quarterback where he could take your franchise to the next level, not for this season, but for the next six, seven, eight years, much like Drew Brees elevated the Saints.