Nick Wright unveils how Kawhi Leonard’s absence on Spurs impacts the West

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Looking ahead to the 2018 NBA playoffs and beyond, Nick Wright unveils to Cris Carter how Kawhi Leonard's absence on the San Antonio Spurs impacts the Western Conference long term. How does this affect both Golden State and Houston's future playoff aspirations?

NICK WRIGHT: If Kawhi does not come back this year, it makes the Western Conference a two team race and it further opens up the path for the Rockets and Warriors to face each other. Because I truly believed whichever team had to face the Spurs, most likely in the second round assuming the Spurs stayed at least above the six line, whether they were three, four, five, six, they would be a second round match up for the one or the two seed. Depending on where they fell, that the Spurs with a healthy Kawhi Leonard could be a dangerous team. We saw the Spurs, as great as everyone says and as great as the Warriors were last year, we saw the Spurs have them on the ropes for two and half quarters before Zaza Pachulia Pachulia knocked Kawhi Leonard out for the series and seemingly changed the trajectory of this season for the San Antonio Spurs, even though it's a different injury. This has enormous impact CC on the Rockets and the Warriors, almost as much as it has on the Spurs themselves.