Nick Wright reveals why the No. 1 seed is more crucial to Warriors than KD and Draymond let on

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In his reaction to Kevin Durant and Draymond Green brushing aside the importance of Golden State earning the No. 1 seed, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter why Steve Kerr's squad, if not the No. 1 seed, could face new obstacles that could expose the champs early.

- Everyone focuses on game seven when it comes to home court. You know what I like to focus on? Games one and two. Like, that matters. I understand game seven's the most important part. But being able to start off a series at home. Being able to be the, obviously, the big favorite when you're at home. And typically, being able to start out a series with a lead in the series is very important.

- Charles Barkley says, role players play better at home than they do on the road. So it's not about the star players. It's about the other players who are able to play better in those first two games to get you momentum going into a long series.

- And when we look at the bracket, there are teams that you could face as the two seed that you likely wouldn't face as the one seed, that are not teams that anyone believes can beat the Warriors. But there might be teams that can take one game instead of zero, or two games instead of one. If we look back to the year the Warriors blew the 3 - 1 lead against Cleveland, prior to that Oklahoma City blew a 3 - 1 lead to them.

Well, prior to that what happened? The Thunder were in a brutal series with San Antonio. And you know what it looked like by the time they got to game six and certainly game seven against Golden State? They were out of gas. The action--

- The accumulation of all these being under duress. The playoffs are totally different. Every possession is contested more. The stress that you are under-- so over a month's period of time, if you could shorten that-- that's why winning these series and closing them out becomes so important. Because of the cumulative effect that it's going to play in the rest of the season.

- And the two years the Warriors have won championships, being the one seed has paid enormous dividends, not because of where game seven was, because they didn't play any game sevens those years, but because of who they played. They're playing the lower seeds. And the type of team that was being trotted out against them. The year they won the title the first time, they didn't play a starting point guard the whole playoffs. Jrue Holiday was out. Then Mike Conley was out. Then Patrick Beverley was out. Then Kyrie Irving was out.

That's different if you're the two seed up until you get to the NBA finals. Last year, because of the one seed they get Portland in the first round when Nurkic was out. Because of the one seed you get Utah in round two. Well guess what, Rudy Gobert was out. They you face the two seed, by the way, San Antonio, which looked like they were neck and neck with you until Kawhi Leonard went out.

And then obviously, last year in the finals they were better than Cleveland. But being the one seed-- here's my thing. People say, well, Nick, you don't worry about the one seed with Cleveland. LeBron-- I've only-- LeBron's only won one title as the one seed and he's got three of them. I've seen LeBron repeatedly not be the one seed and be fine.

- And because the question in the East is totally different. The question is, can LeBron win one of those first two games? And typically the answer is yes. Like, we don't know it's totally different because the level of competition in who LeBron James-- if LeBron was in the West, the seeding wouldn't matter as much as to me because it would still be, can LeBron go there and win one of those games? I'll be like, yeah. So LeBron is the difference in trying to calculate these things.

- And LeBron has experience of not being-- not being the top seed, of going on the road to start a series. Guess what, the Golden State Warriors in this run, you know how many series they've started on the road? Zero. You know how many series they've gone into not as the one seed? Zero. It's not to say they couldn't overcome it again.

No matter what seed they go into the playoffs at, they will be the Vegas favorite. They will be the overwhelming Vegas favorite. And barring injury, they should be the Vegas favorite. But it would be unprecedented for this team to not be the one seed. In fact, it's unprecedented for this team to not have it all but wrapped up by this point in the year.