Nick Wright unveils what went wrong with the Boston Celtics

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Chris Mannix, Nick Wright discuss the Boston Celtics losing 9 of the last 15 games before the All-Star break. Nick explains how the Celtics are a lesser version than last year with the current roster.

- I hear what everyone's saying, but it's just blind faith. It's just because we think it should be the case. Because, yeah, last year, they didn't have Jayson Tatum. But they did have Jae Crowder, who, again, shot the same percentage Tatum's shooting this year, averaged the same points, actually averaged more rebounds--

- But come on, you know they're not-- he's not the same type of player.

NICK WRIGHT: I know that he's--

- Jae Crowder can't attack the rim the way Jayson Tatum does.

- What I know is this. I know that Jayson Tatum will one day be far better than Jae Crowder ever will be. But I think Jae Crowder last year, the best year of his career, is better equipped right now and certainly--

- So you tell us what happened to the Celtics? What went wrong?

- Look, they are-- I'll tell you exactly. They are the same-- they are, to me, a lesser version-- slightly lesser version-- of the team they were last year. They're a team that, guess what, looked at this line up and said, the only way we can really compete for a championship is if we add a Gordon Hayward.

Like- the-- Kyrie-- what we keep doing with the Celtics, to me, is looking at the what Jaylen Brown will be, what Jayson Tatum will be, what Kyrie Irving is and saying, well, that's obviously-- they're an improved team, as opposed saying, OK, but Jayson Tatum is taking the minutes Jae Crowder had. And Jae Crowder was awesome last year.

Jaylen Brown's taking the minutes Avery Bradley had. And Avery Bradley was really good last year. Kyrie's taking the minutes Isaiah Thomas had. Isaiah Thomas was second team All-NBA last year. Like, I just-- I have no evidence that-- you mentioned this team could have lost to the Bulls in the first round. This team could lose in the first round this year.